Hurry to enjoy Les Miserables LIVE

Les Miserables

Word on the street this morning — and by that I mean in our Breakfast Room — is that the national production of “Les Miserables” that rolled into Miller Auditorium last night is not to be missed!  And this morning’s MLive review agrees.

A few interesting facts.  Our guests last night who saw the opening show came from Chicago to see it here rather than when it played in the big city with the same cast.  They decided the lower ticket prices at Miller made it a good bet for a night away and helped pay for their room and dinner in Kalamazoo.  They were stunned by the size and quality of the theatre.

Guests coming tomorrow are coming all the way from Green Bay for this show.  Maybe they had the same thought.  Hmm.  Others from central Indiana and Ohio.

This is an extremely limited run, from now through Sunday.  As of this morning when I checked, there are still seats available for all shows, and we actually still have at least one room available every night they’re here.

So if you’re in the mood for a last-minute theater treat, you’ll want to plan quickly!



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